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Mukki Artic Star

Mukki currently weighs 155 pounds

This is Mukki Arctic Star. Mukki is a large female Alaskan malamute that weighs 155 pounds since slimmed down 5 pounds.  She carries the true M'Loot heritage of their primitive ancestors. She will be 7 years old June 2017.
This female is a true "Giant" Alaskan malamute.  She is gentle, sweet and loving. 

Weight and size should not be the reason in selecting an Alaskan malamute. But if you require a "Giant" malamute you will certainly be pleased with Mukki's size and the sizes of her upcoming litter.

We are proud to present all our Alaskan malamutes to you, but if you are interested in a true giant Alaskan malamute, Mukki is your girl!

We do not spare any expense in raising our malamutes in comfort and freedom. Our Alaskan malamutes are not chained or collared. Our kennels are clean, spacious and designed for their comfort for Western New York living. We provide and ensure that our malamutes are comfortable and secure in their environment. They enjoy their life and we make sure of it!

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